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JEC Awards Open

04 September 2003

The JEC Awards has opened for applications and is open to companies the world over.

The Awards will recompense the performance and innovation of composite applications in the following categories: Marine, Aeronautics & Space, Land Transport, Construction, Industry & Energy, and Sports & Leisure.

The competition is open to all players involved in the composite industry worldwide. Some 750 candidates in all (from the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Israel, the United Kingdom, Sweden, China, Japan, Belarus, India, and Australia, among others) have already become involved in the competition.

The jury, made up of international experts, selects applications based on a consideration of the technical excellence, the performance of the partnership that has been developed among supplier, customer, and end user, and the potential for creating new market openings, for each composite solution presented.

Companies that wish to present their own innovations and know-how should send in their application before November 28, 2003. The application forms may be downloaded from JEC's Web site

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