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AFRL Will Host Out-of-Autoclave Prepreg Workshop

19 September 2003

Dr. Mark Tudela, AFRL Contract Manager on the Advanced Composites Group (ACG) Out-of-Autoclave Prepregs contract, has set up a technology workshop at the SAMPE 2003 Technical Conference.

The Out-of-Autoclave Curable Prepregs Workshop will be offered at the SAMPE 2003/Dayton Technical Conference that runs September 28 through October 2, 2003 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The workshop was organized by Dr. Tudela in order to allow ACG to provide the most recent technology update on the development of out-of-autoclave curable prepreg material systems. The focus of the workshop will be to review work being done on these material systems and gather feedback from industry participants. Design allowable property data will be a key focus of the workshop. These data are important to meeting acceptance Specifications and meeting FAA requirements for the design of certified composite structures.

The workshop is open to all SAMPE 2003/Dayton attendees and audience interactions are encouraged. The workshop will include a representative industry round table for discussing current and future work in these technology areas. Chris Ridgard, Principal Investigator on the AFRL-ACG contract effort, will be the primary presenter. Generic data developed under the contract program will be openly available nationally as shared intellectual property.

The SAMPE Technical Conference will also offer eight, 3-4 hour technology tutorials during the course of the technical conference.

Dr. Scott Beckwith, SAMPE International Technical Director, notes that ""the SAMPE 2003 Technical Conference Organizing Committee has done an excellent job of selecting both popular technology topics and leading edge tutorial areas for the Dayton conference. Several of the tutorials they selected have continued to be well-attended and satisfy industry educational needs. Other topics are new to SAMPE and offer first-time opportunities to learn what’s pushing the state-of-the-art."" The tutorials being offered at the SAMPE 2003/Dayton Technical Conference are:

- Polymer Nanocomposites: Issues, Advances and Opportunities (NEW)
- Composite Materials: Introduction and Overview
- Resin Infusion Processing Technology: RTM, VARTM and Other Primary Processes
- Selection and Designing With Textile Preforms and Reinforcements for Composites (NEW)
- Composite Structures: Processing to Achieve Dimensional Control
- High Resolution NDT Methods: Micro- and Nano-Materials Applications (NEW)
- Non-Autoclave Composite Fabrication Processes (NEW in May 2003)
- Biotechnology: Basic Overview and Applications to Materials Technology (NEW)

All presentations include handouts developed by the experienced technical Instructors that are provided to the attendees. Classroom space is limited to these often well-attended educational tutorials.

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