Vermont Composites Completes Major Expansion Program

10 August 2003

During the past two years, Vermont Composites has been executing a major expansion plan, including 50% increase in floor space, 25% increase in manufacturing personnel and several pieces of capital equipment.

VCI has increased floor space to support the production levels needed by customers. Included in this expansion are modifications to the lay-up room, upgrading it to the highest industry standards. Other major items added by Vermont Composites during the past year include the following:

Installation of a new autoclave, shown in the accompanying photograph, has a working diameter of 8 feet and a working length of 30 feet. This autoclave has a state-of-the-art computer control system, has capability of working pressures up to 150 pounds per square inch, and can operate up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Vermont Composites uses autoclaves for curing advanced composite structures under controlled heat and pressure. This autoclave supplements Vermont Composites’ existing autoclave that has a working diameter of 6 feet and a working length of 20 feet

Addition of a 5-axis CNC router with a 5’x 10’x 3’ working zone. This machine has the capability to manufacture complex parts and tooling.

The addition of a second 3-axis CNC router with 5’x 11’ working zone. This machine will supplement the existing 3-axis 5’ x 10’ CNC router and will increase production capacity.

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