New High Temperature Prepreg System and Thermoplastic Fabrics

22 July 2003

Seal SpA. has launched a new high temperature ester-cyanate thermoset resin system named CE661, designed for high operating environments. This non-toughened resin system, featuring a DMA Tg of 370°C (+707°F) after post-cure and a very competitive market price, can be suitable for various applications including exhaust pipes, engine vanes parts, radomes, space structures, just to mention some examples.

The Texiplast range of thermoplastic reinforcements based on thermoplastic-coated yarn has been recently launched, as well. This new system is based on a wide range of carbon, aramid and glass yarn already impregnated with thermoplastic – PP, PA, PE, PET and others – matrix. Therefore, part producers can quickly process it to manufacture parts having high shock resistance, smooth surface and good reversibility. The latter property represents a substantial improvement in the environmental and recycling issues.

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