Composite Balconies for Cruise Ships

14 July 2003

Alcore Brigantine has applied its composites technology to a design-build program for a series of cabin balconies to be inserted in cruise ships.

Already known as a world-class fabricator of composites to the aircraft industry, the company readily adapted these technologies to building modular components for ships. The work is being undertaken for Alstom Chantiers de L'Atlantique shipyard in Sainte-Nazaire, France. This is the yard that built the ships France, Normandie, Ile de France and other great ocean liners.

The original goals of the assignment were to create structural balconies with a door and privacy wall. The resulting design of aluminum facings over aluminum honeycomb core saves weight and provides easy installation with improved aesthetics that blend perfectly with the ship’s design.

Among other maritime projects, the company is fabricating 800 separating walls and doors in the Queen Mary 2 – an enormous ship, one hundred-feet longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall. It is also involved in design-build of modular floors for new boats of various sizes.

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