Quadrant Launches SymaLITE

23 May 2003

Quadrant Plastic Composites has just brought the new SymaLITE production line on stream at its site in Lotte, Germany.

SymaLITE is an innovative composite material based on polypropylene and specially oriented glass fibres, enhancing weight, rigidity and formability. It is especially suitable for large-format, non-structural components which have to feature high rigidity and/or noise absorption despite low weight, for example in:

- Applications in vehicle interiors, such as head linings, loading surfaces, sun shields and shelves (weight, rigidity)
- Applications in vehicle exteriors, such as components for the vehicle underbody and noise control (rigidity, acoustics, weight)

“The material permits much greater diversity in consolidation and can thus be processed into thicker or thinner components compared with materials currently in use”, says Harri Dittmar, Manager Market Development Composites, at QPC. “The manufacturing process also considerably enhances the material's performance. I see further advantages in acoustic applications, where a high degree of rigidity and low weight are required.”

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