New Cotton Gloves for Composites

23 May 2003

Aerontec has developed a new cotton glove for use for pre-preg lay-up, inspection and assembly work in their workshops.

Denel Aviation, the leading manufacturer of composite helicopters in South Africa approached them to develop a glove with low-lint, 100% cotton, no seams at the finger-tips, smooth and not too thick to ""feel"" the materials, thin enough to wear as a liner (under latex / rubber gloves), strong enough to use in different applications, preferably ""one size fits all"" and to be cost competitive. After 3 months of investigating various knitted and woven options, they found a company that was prepared to modify a machine and make what they were looking for. These gloves are now made in South Africa, and are currently being used by many of the composite manufacturers / converters.

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