Vantico Introduces High-temperature Epoxy for Resin Infusion

11 May 2003

An advanced 400°F (204°C) epoxy specially formulated for resin infusion with an easy to process, low viscosity and extended 20-hour gel time for use in large projects has been introduced by the RenShape Solutions Tooling Group of Vantico A&T US Inc.

RenInfusion 8615/Ren 8615 epoxy is a transparent, two-component material with a viscosity of 550 cps. Once cured, the new product has a Shore 87D hardness, flexural strength of 10,000 psi and flexural modulus of 430,000 psi. The epoxy is part of a family of resin infusion systems that includes products that are being used in fabricating the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) for the Air Force as well as large fire-retardant chemical tanks used on C-130 Hercules aircraft for fighting forest fires.

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