Southwest Airlines Selects Gillfloor Floor Panels

11 May 2003

M.C. Gill Corporation has been awarded a long term contract to supply Southwest Airlines with Gillfloor 5424 cabin floor panels for use during scheduled maintenance checks.

Hydrosize and InChem Joint Venture

11 May 2003

Hydrosize Technologies Inc. and InChem Corporation have announced a joint venture to combine technologies applicable in both their markets.

Owens Corning and Saint-Gobain to Build Joint State-Of-the-Art Glass Reinforcement Facility

11 May 2003

Owens Corning and Saint-Gobain are planning to form a joint venture to construct a state-of-the-art, innovative manufacturing facility to deliver high-quality glass fiber reinforcements to the growing composites marketplace.

UK Industry Study

08 May 2003

NetComposites, in conjunction with NPL, has published their Foresight Study and Competitive Analysis of the UK Composites Sector, undertaken for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).