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Huntsman launches a new halogen free laminating system

30 October 2003

Huntsman has launched a new halogen free range of systems for the formulation and manufacture of printing boards.

Based on Huntsman Advanced Material patented technology, a new halogen free laminating system based on benzoxazine chemistry and filler material has been developed to meet environment concerns over Bromine containing products and the stringent PCB performance requirements. With limited equipment modification to ensure good filler dispersion, the system can be processed by traditional CCL processing techniques.

The system satisfies UL-94-V0 rating and exhibits high Tg for multi-layer PWBs and excellent heat resistance characteristics for lead-free solder. When cured at 190° the resulting laminate has Tg greater than 170°C and coefficient of expansion in Z direction is lower than the convenient FR-4 laminate. After exposed to 3 hours for PCT followed by heat shock treatment at 288°C , the system do not show any blister.

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