Edge Structural Composites secures approval

30 October 2003

After extensive testing & evaluation of its Carbon Fiber strengthening system by ICC-ES, Edge Structural Composites’ FiberBond system has been approved to qualify for an ICC-ES/ICBO evaluation report under both UBC 97 and IBC 2000.

ICC-ES is a nonprofit organization that performs technical evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials. The ICC-ES evaluation reports provide evidence that products and systems meet code requirements and perform to the highest standards of the building and construction industry.

“Coming on the heels of approvals by Caltrans, Oregon DOT and the U.S. Navy, this validates the FiberBond system as the premier choice for all strengthening applications” says Edge CEO Richard Martin. Karl Gillette, President, added - “An engineer only needs to compare our superior material properties and unrivalled performance in many testing programs & in particular our 10,000 hr durability tests, to select the FiberBond system.”

The FiberBond family of strengthening products includes both Carbon & Glass Fiber sheets, plates, rods, re-bars and pre-cured shells. Recent applications, projects & designs include strengthening for seismic, live & dead loads. Current system applications include two significant strengthening projects, one a major pier upgrade for the U.S. Navy and the other in California, where the system is being applied to strengthen the foundations on dozens of wind towers.

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