New carbon fiber drum shell system

22 October 2003

Marcato Percussion has developed an all-new drum shell system based on carbon fiber technology.

Marcato Seamless Resonance System (SRS) Drum Shells are designed to provide maximum quality resonance. The FEA-designed fiber angle provides maximum shell stiffness for optimum sound resonance. Unlike wooden shells, the computer-controlled filament winding process produces a seamless one-piece design that accurately reproduces sound quality.

A 2-step curing process optimizes matrix hardness further enhancing sound reproduction, and facilitating a tight tolerance secondary machining process. The finished solid design allows the drum shell to vibrate at an extremely even rate, which virtually eliminates unwanted overtones and decay fluctuations. The result is a tone quality, and projection characteristic unsurpassed by any other drum in this large market. Furthermore, this material/process combination, revolutionary in the percussion industry, ensures a durable, perfectly round shell.

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