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Enhanced Reinforcement for Pultrusion and Filament Winding

15 October 2003

Saint-Gobain Vetrotex has enhanced a high-performance fiberglass reinforcement for pultrusion and filament winding. Newly modified RO99®-673 roving offers improved mechanical properties and an enhanced ability to withstand handling with no change in processing characteristics.

Advances in sizing chemistry have produced improved mechanical properties in pultruded profiles, including flexural strength (ASTM D790), compression strength (ASTM D695), and horizontal shear (ASTM D-2344).

In addition, enhanced RO99-673 offers improved roving compression resistance. This reduces damage caused by shipping, stacking, and handling, resulting in more consistent pay-out.

RO99-673 is a single-end, zero-catenary reinforcement designed specifically for pultrusion of structural shapes and filament winding of tubes, pipes, tanks, and similar hollow products. RO99-673 is available in roving yields ranging from 56 to 675 yd/pound.

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