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Atofina Chemicals Introduces New Products

15 October 2003

Atofina Chemicals introduced two new products and a newly patented product at the Composites 2003 show in Anaheim, in addition to their existing line of Luperox organic peroxide products.

“These products will add value to our existing line, as well as help our customers through increased productivity, lower VOC’s and improved cosmetics on end use products,” Clint Robinson, business manager for organic peroxides noted.

Luperox DHD-9L helps reduce gas generation in vinyl ester resin applications. This room-temperature-stable liquid organic peroxide is a specially formulated methyl ethyl ketone peroxide that is phthalate free and low in hydrogen peroxide, which reduces porosity.

Luperox MC is targeted at fabricators of sheet molding and bulk molding compounds, to provide shorter gel-to-cure times compared to other room-temperature-stable peroxides currently available.

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