Reichhold Introduces 3 New Products

30 September 2003

Reichhold has introduced new products for bonding, pultrusion and vacuum infusion in time for Composites 2003 this week.

POLYLITE ABR 33305 is a low-HAP (typically 40%) acrylic bonding resin which provides improved handling with fillers up to 60 percent, providing a lower overall system cost. It is formulated to accept high filler loadings of calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate or other conventional fillers. It also contains 30 percent less styrene than conventional resins. This lower styrene content reduces worker exposure levels and provides a noticeable improvement in work area air quality. This resin exhibits enhanced thixotropic properties to provide improved sag resistance on vertical surfaces and is recommended for open mold, hand lay-up, spray-up and robotic processes.

The product was designed for reinforcing thermal-formed acrylic products such as tubs, showers, sinks, lavatories, and other acrylic components. This resin is recommended for spa applications with requirements for continuous exposure to high temperatures and / or water.

Reichhold has also introduced a new family of urethane hybrid resins for composites called DION XTREME. These resins have greater toughness and impact resistance compared to traditional polyester resins while maintaining structural grade strength and stiffness. Developed for use in a wide range of applications, the initial product offering is DION XTREME 31040 for pultrusion. It is a medium-to-highly reactive hybrid urethane-based resin developed to provide excellent impact strength in finished composite parts.

The third offering from Reichhold is two new resins for the vacuum infusion process: a pre-promoted version of HYDREX 100-HF and a new vinyl ester blend, HYDREX 1-HF.

HYDREX 100-HF is claimed to offer the same characteristics and benefits as its non-promoted predecessor; low peak exotherm (140°F / 60°C) for good surface appearance, low viscosity for easy processing and good physical properties, but in a pre-promoted version, eliminating the need to buy, inventory or handle cobalt.

To optimize the balance between performance and cost, Reichhold is also introducing HYDREX 1-HF , a vinyl ester blend which combines blister resistance, physical properties and surface profile to provide a smooth transition from open mold lamination to closed mold lamination. HYDREX 1-HF is pre-promoted and is formulated to cure with MEKP or MEKP blends.

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