Cyclics and Clarehill in Rotomoulding Partnership

22 September 2003

Cyclics Corporation has entered into a partnership with UK rotomoulder Clarehill Plastics Limited. The agreement gives Clarehill rights to develop rotomolded CBT resin for the British Isles, with the option of working with Cyclics, on market development activities in other European countries.

Powdered CBT resin has been demonstrated in traditional rotational molding equipment to make parts with improved surface finish, fiber reinforcement, and improved gasoline barrier properties. The unique processing characteristics of CBT improves productivity by allowing parts to be demolded hot and permits molds to be kept at a constant temperature.

Rotational molding grades of CBT are powders at room temperature that, when heated, melt and react to become the thermoplastic, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). The resulting PBT has improved barrier properties over polyethylene. Fiber reinforced CBT compounds have been rotationally molded successfully to yield higher strength and stiffness for demanding applications. Improved surface finish has also been demonstrated since the thinner melt viscosity can better mimic the mold surface.

“This material represents a genuine and significant breakthrough for rotational molders. It will permit them to apply the benefits of rotational molding to sectors that traditionally have been the territory of blow molders, injection molders and vacuum formers."" said Brian McCann, Managing Director at Clarehill. ""We have had tremendous success test molding CBT resin, and are excited about the partnership we have established with Cyclics to commercialize this novel product.""

""CBT resin will allow rotational molders to tap markets that were previously inaccessible using traditional rotomolding plastics,"" said John Ciovacco, President and CEO of Cyclics Corporation. ""We are very encouraged with the product development effort at Clarehill and look forward to the introduction of products made from CBT resin.""

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