Diab Wins Major Order For Skjold Fast Patrol Boats

08 January 2004

Following its extensive involvement in the prototype Skjold fast patrol boat, DIAB has been awarded a contract by Umoe Mandal to supply sandwich core materials and core bonding adhesives for the production vessels that are destined for service with the Royal Norwegian Navy.

In addition DIAB will be supplying core materials for other projects undertaken by the Umoe Mandal yard. The Skjold represents the first of a new breed of fast patrol boats. It utilises the latest developments in ‘stealth ’ and SES technology. As a result it is able to travel at high speeds (55 knots)even in high sea states while offering a very low electro-magnetic signature (EMS) and a stable weapons platform. Each Skjold will be 47 metres long, have a beam of 13.5 metres and a displacement of 270 tonnes, so are capable of operating in very shallow waters.

DIAB core materials will be used for all the structural elements (hull, deck, superstructure, bulkheads etc.)in order to provide lightweight/high strength performance and a low EMS. In addition to their performance benefits, Umoe Mandal maintain that sandwich composites simplify the construction process and the subsequent fitting-out. Infusion manufacturing techniques will be used for a significant amount of the construction.

Extensive use of both local and global finite element modelling techniques were used to develop the sandwich laminates and these findings were confirmed by a structural testing programme carried out by Umoe Mandal and subsequent sea trials of the prototype vessel.

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