New Online Tool for Structural Engineers

12 December 2003

Fiberline has launched an online version of its advanced Design Manual that provides data, instructions and documentation on the company's GRP construction profiles

""Very few architects, engineers or structural engineers have extensive experience in working with GRP profiles, so we are making a special effort to make it quick and easy to use our products.""

This is the explanation given by Henrik Thorning, Managing Director of Fiberline Composites A/S, as the reason why the company has compiled a new and expanded version of its advanced Design Manual that collects all data, instructions and documentation on the company's GRP construction profiles. The online version of the manual is available to all Fiberline customers free of charge.

""If you sell wood or steel beams, you don't need to provide customers with detailed information at an advanced level – it's something everyone knows. But we manufacture a new and interesting material with other properties. This means that many technical questions must be answered before deciding to design a bridge or a building in GRPs instead of in traditional materials,"" Henrik Thorning says.

Fiberline is convinced that GRPs are on the verge of a major breakthrough in the construction sector, and the new Design Manual is to help stimulate this development.

""We are now placing this knowledge at our customers' disposal. We are well aware that our competitors will probably have a look at it too, but we believe we lead so strongly technologically that we dare take that risk,"" says Managing Director Thorning. The Fiberline Design Manual provides detailed instructions for use, assembly and dimensioning of its construction profiles, as well as information on machining, fire properties, chemical resistance, standard tolerances, and much more. Users of the Fiberline Design Manual have access to up-to-date knowledge and documentation on GRP structural profiles. The manual will be updated and developed on an on-going basis to keep pace with new standards and experience.

The online manual enables users to select and dimension GRP profiles for specific purposes, and send questions directly to Fiberline. It is also possible to download DXF or DWG drawings directly to one's own CAD program. A special calculation module will later be added to the manual, making it possible for constructing engineers to dimension GRP construction profiles for specific loads online.

The Spanish engineering company Pedelta SL used the Fiberline Design Manual to dimension a pedestrian bridge across a railway line for an electric high-speed train

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