US Plastic Lumber Corp and Solutia in Partners for Renewal Program

04 December 2003

US Plastic Lumber Corp. has joined up with the contract carpet market, Solutia in their Partners for Renewal program.

US Plastic Lumber has signed a letter of intent to test and incorporate post consumer carpet as a key ingredient for use in its DuraTie composite railroad crossties, Trimax dimensional lumber, and marine timbers. ""We are very excited to work with Solutia on this new initiative. Their unique partnering approach to solve landfill diversion challenges is a winning business model and just makes good sense from an environmental perspective. In addition, our results show the use of post consumer carpet feedstock will provide a major advantage in terms of product performance and costs,"" said Mark Alsentzer, Chairman, CEO and President of US Plastic Lumber.

Partners for Renewal is designed to facilitate the recovery and reuse the valuable natural resources embodied in post consumer carpet. ""Our strategy is to promote collaboration and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in order to accomplish our key objectives,"" stated Dr. Robert Peoples, Ph.D, Director of Carpet Sustainability & Business Development, Solutia, Inc. ""Our primary objective is to find new ways to divert carpet from the landfill via new process and product technology. These waste streams are becoming valuable raw materials. It's a way of reusing the oil originally consumed to create these products. Now we can close the loop. We are able to facilitate the efforts of entrepreneurs committed to the sustainability by lending the credibility and resources of Solutia. The use of post consumer carpet in composite crossties will be a win-win for the railroads, US Plastic Lumber, the carpet industry, and the environment. -- a grand slam if you will.""

Mr. Alsentzer concluded, ""US Plastic Lumber is excited to be working with Solutia. Solutia's objective is to deliver real solutions to the challenge of carpet landfill diversion. US Plastic Lumber's objective is to continue to improve the environment in which we live while providing durable products for the marketplace at competitive prices.""

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