New RTM/VM/RTM Light Injection Valve

04 December 2003

Composite Integration Ltd has launched their patent pending V400 Injection Valve for use in both RTM and VM/RTM light applications.

An Injection valve links the resin injection/meter mix machine and the inlet port of a typical closed mould. It ensures clean operation, straightforward isolation of the mould cavity, vacuum tight sealing and is easily cleaned as part of the normal machine cycle. In addition, the use of such a valve enables automation of the process and reduces the need for operator intervention.

The V400 Injection Valve is claimed to be highly reliable in operation with very low maintenance requirement. It’s design enables use with filled, unfilled, DCPD polyester and epoxy resin systems without modification, and in deep mould structures with limited access. The valve can be simply disassembled if necessary and has been made affordable for use with VM/RTM light.

Installation of more than 30 valves at one of the UK’s largest closed mould manufacturers has demonstrated 100% reliability over an 8 month period when used with several different resin types including low profile and filled systems.

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