Ferro Helps Stop the Fiberglass Itch

16 November 2003

Ferro Industries has teamed up with an international player in occupational skin care, Stockhausen, who has designed a protective cream that claims to prevent contact dermatitis and the itchy aftereffects common among those who work with fiberglass.

Statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor show that an average of three days of work are lost by employees with dermatitis, costing over $1 billion annually in lost workdays and productivity. With skin disease being the second leading cause of occupational disease or injury, Ferro Industries and Stockhausen realize skin care isn’t just about cleaning, it’s also about skin protection

The dual-purpose skin protectant, Stoko Emulsion, shrinks the pores in your skin in order to prevent the fiberglass particles from penetrating. This solvent and silicone free cream apparently also acts like an anti-perspirant so your hands won’t sweat under your gloves, preventing contact dermatitis.

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