Composite 'Wing' Protects Danish Ruins

15 April 2003

Outside the art museum on the Danish island of Bornholm, a wing made from laminated wood, polyester resins from Reichhold, and titanium has been erected to protect an old gunpowder storehouse from 1684. As a work of art, it represents an innovative meeting of past and present.

The purpose of the construction was to protect the entire wall where the old gunpowder store once stood. Construction materials were chosen for their weather-resistant qualities, making composites a natural selection. The supporting structure was made from laminated wood and frames, while the roof of the sculpture takes the form of a titanium-clad wing with a 14-metre span covering the whole site.

To protect the historic site from damage caused by wind and rain, it was necessary to provide an upright structure while also allowing people to view the ruins. The side elements were therefore made from semi-transparent polyester with linen strips molded in to create a visual effect. To provide extra protection against UV light and other environmental effects that can harm the polyester facade, a hard-wearing layer of transparent gel coat was applied.

In his design, architect Mads Jeppesen has found inspiration in the wide range of bird life on and around the island. The sight of birds in flight has clearly left its mark on this piece of artwork. This artistic venture was supported by a number of funds and companies, including Reichhold.

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