Velocity Powerboats Launches New Models

07 April 2003

Velocity Powerboats has introduced the first speedboats built entirely with VeTron High Performance Roving from Advanced Glassfiber Yarns LLC.

The two new models – a 29-foot VR1 290 and a 39-foot VR1 390 – were launched at the 2003 Miami Boat Show. According to Velocity, the superior performance and competitive cost of VeTron rovings allowed the entire boat to be built from the advanced material, with all the associated performance and high-speed safety enhancements their customers expect. The VeTron roving was woven into a bi-axial fabric style VDBA 2408 by OC Fabrics and molded with vinyl ester resin at the Velocity plant in Sanford.

“Once again, being at the forefront of composite marine technology puts Velocity in front of the competition,” said Steve Stepp, owner and president of Initial Marine Corporation and Velocity Powerboats.

Last year, Velocity won the APBA F1 Class World Championship and broke the world speed record (84 mph) over a kilometer in the same class, with 29' Velocity VR1 powerboats made with a combination of S-2 Glass and E-glass fabrics.

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