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New Reichhold Gel Coat Plant Operational

15 April 2003

Reichhold’s new gel coat plant in Fredrikstad, Norway has successfully begun production.

This new addition gives Reichhold both resin and gel coat production facilities adjacent to each other at one site. In the past, the base resins used in gel coat production were produced in Fredrikstad and then transported to the gel coat plant in Sandefjord, Norway. This co-location of facilities will increase efficiencies.

""Opening this plant will bring benefits to our customers, such as improved product quality according to agreed specifications, precise delivery time and competitive prices,"" said Petter Hoven, project leader of Global Engineering Team in Fredrikstad.

The project was initiated in October 2001 after a Steering Committee was established to ensure compliance with all aspects of the project and officially kicked off in January 2002. Start-up of fully automated batch production began in mid-February. For the start up period January-March, production capability has been maintained at the facility in Sandefjord.

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