Reade Advanced Materials Expands Into Latin America

29 March 2003

Reade Advanced Materials has opened Reade Latin America with a strategically located customer service office & distribution facility adjacent to the Panama Canal at the Port of Balboa in the Republic of Panama.

With a dedicated team of Spanish speaking technical sales engineers, Reade’s Latin America office will expand the Reade brand throughout the region - from Mexico to Argentina.

“Creating geographical and cultural ties to our customers allows the Reade Latin America facility in Panama to have closer contact with our Latin American customers"" stated Charles Reade, the President of Reade. ""It will help us gain a better understanding of the specific needs within each Latin American country and how we can adapt our products and services to address those needs.""

“It also more directly enhances our customer service performance by offering Spanish speaking employees, provides more frequent interaction with our technical sales team, and offers J-I-T delivery of our product line.”

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