Composite Technology Installs Composite Cable Core Pultrusion Equipment

29 March 2003

Composite Technology Corporation has installed pilot composite pultrusion equipment line at its facilities in Orange County, California.

""This is a significant milestone,"" says Composite Technology's CEO, Benton Wilcoxon, ""The equipment manufacturer's representatives and members of the CTC technical staff are on site, and we expect to have systems operational in April. With the protrusion machinery in place, the company will commence continuous production of its new proprietary aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC), which will then be wrapped with aluminum by selected cable manufacturers working to CTC's exacting specifications. Initial production capacity will be used to satisfy current demand for demonstration and test cable from utilities and regulatory agencies around the globe.""

Wilcoxon expressed great satisfaction with the efforts and contributions made by the CTC staff. ""We have assembled a world class team, and I am pleased with the progress in launching of our initial production line. The economic and environmental benefits our composite core cable (ACCC) offers to the utilities and consumers is the first in a series of composite-based products which will substantially improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of electricity transmission. We are delighted with the nature and volume of inquiries we have received from key industry players around the world. I am confident that CTC will demonstrate a meaningful and substantial positive impact on the world's electrical transmission industry, as we build shareholder wealth.""

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