Akzo Nobel is making their red peroxides Vanish.

29 March 2003

From April 1st, Akzo is discontinuing their conventional red peroxides in favor of a new Vanishing Red Series of products.

The Vanishing Red indicator system is available in a wide array of ambient temperature cure products for unsaturated PE and VE resin systems. Most MEKP, AAP, and CHP based peroxides will be available in Vanishing Red. All applications where Clear & Red Cadox or Trigonox can be used are potential applications for the VR series.

Among the claimed advantages are that it indicates initiator presence, confirms good mixing and allows monitoring of cure by color

The Vanishing series of products include a red indicator system that virtually disappears in front of your eyes. The Red color vanishes to clear during the Gel to Peak interval. The red color stays in your process when you need it, but not in the finished product. The indicator system can help eliminate uncured parts, tears from trimming too soon, and red parts forever.

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