Cytec Unveils Toughened Resin Infusion System

28 April 2003

Cytec has launched PRIFORM, a new resin infusion materials system for the manufacture of damage resistant composite aircraft parts.

Toughened resins used in prepreg and adhesive applications are too viscous for conventional resin infusion processes. By weaving a toughening fibre just a few microns thick into the fabric reinforcement, PRIFORM materials claim to solve the problem. When processed with Cytec’s low-viscosity PRIFORM 977-20 resin, the fibre completely dissolves into the resin matrix, distributing its toughening characteristics throughout the part.

Damage-resistant composite parts made with PRIFORM possess the same performance advantages as those made with toughened prepreg systems, and also offer an existing industry applications database. In addition, PRIFORM exhibits superior flame, smoke and toxicity properties – the first infusion resin to do so.

“PRIFORM is so effective, it’s going to revolutionise the way aircraft parts are manufactured. It will allow composite parts to be used in areas of the aircraft that were previously out of reach for conventional resin infusion processes – and for some prepreg applications as well,” commented Steve Speak, president of Cytec Engineered Materials. “PRIFORM also offers aircraft engineers extensive new design options to reduce overall total part cost and weight for demanding applications.”

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