Maximum Security with New Intelligent Anti-Intrusion Shell From Roctool

25 June 2004

The new security division of RocTool has just released a patent for the invention of an intelligent anti-intrusion shell made with composite materials.

This composite solution, aimed at those in industrial careers who participate in the outfitting of the armed forces and security personnel, protects valuable objects as well as the security elements themselves, such as alarms and credit card terminals which are easily destroyed or rendered inoperable. The possible applications are numerous, whether it be in banks, businesses, museums or defence: security cases or boxes, security walls, security openings, electronic armour, furniture, electronic components protection.

Whatever the attack presented to the shell may be (drilling, cutting, tearing, forced opening, damage, burning, etc.), it sends information to an electronic card which immediately launches a reaction.

The composite shell possesses many assets: lightweight, stainless, insensitive to humidity and salinity, non-magnetic and anti-inflammable. The shell can be produced at high volumes, which leads to its attractive cost.

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