Water-Free GRFP Urinals

18 June 2004

Watersave has released Porcelain and Fibreglass urinals that work without flushing.

Uridan urinals from Australian manufacturer are deemed to save money as they do not use water. They are also cheaper to buy and install in new buildings than flushing urinals because they do not need cisterns, flushing valves, or water pipes.

Waste drains through a stainless steel cover and into an oil-covered waste trap, which acts like an S bend into the waste pipe. A floating layer of biodegradable vegetable oil in the trap covers the urine and eliminates odours.

The urinals are easier to clean and maintain than ordinary urinals because they do not have a flushing rim and the lack of water prevents the build up of ammonia and bacteria.

They available in fibreglass or porcelain, and are claimed to last at “least as long as ordinary urinals”.

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