First Ship Set of A380 Super Jumbo Cockpit Floors Completed

11 June 2004

The first ship set of a new type of high performance floor panel for the A380 cockpit and two electronic equipment bays was shipped today from M.C. Gill Europe in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

The complete set of 67 parts is fabricated from Gillfab 5509 panels, which were specifically designed for this use. These high performance composite products are low smoke aircraft sandwich panels with facings made from phenolic resin reinforced with cross-plied unidirectional carbon and Kevlar honeycomb core. The project was undertaken with Airbus as a design-build project.

The raw stock panels were developed and manufactured at the M.C. Gill Corporation headquarters facility in El Monte, California. They were then detailed at the M.C. Gill Europe plant which has extensive knowledge and expertise in detailing complex floor panels for a range of aircraft and customers. Activities included drilling, machining, folding and fabricating the panels into precise configurations to meet the engineering specifications. The equipment bay panels were treated with a non-slip surface. Equipping the parts included installing inserts and related hardware for drop-in installation in the aircraft.

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