Chinese to Partner Boeing on 7E7 Dreamliner

11 June 2004

The China Aviation Industry Corporation are to provide parts and assemblies for Boeing airplanes, including the composite rudder for the Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner.

The signing celebration at the Boeing China office marked the first announcement of Chinese suppliers selected for Boeing 7E7 opportunities.

Boeing will work with Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd. (CAC), an AVIC I affiliated company, for supply of the rudder a key component of the FRP vertical fin that provides stability for an airplane's directional control. Boeing is developing additional opportunities for Hafei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd (Hafei), an AVIC II affiliated company, to produce metallic and composite parts and assemblies for various Boeing jetliners, including the 7E7. The total value of China opportunities with Boeing, including the 7E7 rudder and work on other airplanes, could reach several hundred million dollars.

""China has an important role on the 7E7 program,"" said Jim Morris, senior vice president of Supplier Management for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. ""Chengdu Aircraft and Hafei represent the talents, technological capabilities and resources of Chinese aviation industry that Boeing needs to provide the best value to our airline customers.""

Other officials joining Morris at the partner signing event were Yang Yuzhong, executive vice president, AVIC 1; Luo Rong Huai, chairman and president, CAC; Xu Zhangbin, vice president, AVIC II; Wang Ning, Hafei; and David Wang, president of Boeing China. Also on hand was Mary Armstrong, vice president and general manager of the Boeing Fabrication Division, representing the Composite Manufacturing Center , through which the rudder contract is managed.

""We are honoured to be one of the first supplier partners in China to be named to such an important role supporting the Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner,"" said Luo. ""We want to add our strengths to make Boeing's Dreamliner dream come true.""

Commercial aviation is crucial to the advancements that will sustain continued economic growth and development in China . Boeing has worked together with China 's aviation industry for more than 30 years. To date, Boeing has procured more than $500 million of aviation hardware from China.

3,400 Boeing airplanes (one third of Boeing's world fleet) have major parts and assemblies built in China. Examples of major parts and assemblies built for Boeing by Chinese industry include the 737 horizontal stabilizer from Shanghai Aircraft Corp., 737 vertical fin from Xian Aircraft Corp., 737 tail section modules from Shenyang Aircraft Corp., and 757 empennage and aft fuselage section from Chengdu Aircraft Corp. All are AVIC I affiliates.

Boeing is China's largest commercial aviation partner. Over the next 20 years, Boeing forecasts China will need 2,400 jetliners, becoming the world's second largest airplane market.

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