Stanyl for VW Intercooler Endcaps

12 March 2004

Stanyl TW200F6 has been selected for the intercooler end-caps of Volkswagen.

The end-caps are connected to both sides of the aluminium intercooler body. Hot air with a temperature up to 210ºC enters at one side and is cooled down in the intercooler. The aluminium intercooler and the plastic end-caps need to be capable of withstanding intermittently applied pressures of up to 2 bars. To ensure the sealing integrity to the aluminium body at the elevated temperatures encountered, the material used for the end-caps has to have a high modulus and excellent creep and fatigue resistance .

Stanyl TW200F6 – a high temperature resistant PA46 reinforced with 30% glass fibres - offers the combination of stiffness, fatigue resistance, heat-ageing resistance and surface finish needed for this application. In addition, Stanyl has good flow properties and its fast rate of crystallization leads to short cycle times.

Intercoolers cool down turbocharged air and this allows maximum power to be obtained from - mainly diesel - engines. The use of a turbocharger in combination with a charge air cooler allows car manufacturers to equip cars with smaller and lighter engines which are more environmentally friendly

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