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LM Glasfiber's First Intelligent Blade

12 March 2004

The first set of the new LM Glasfiber blade for 82-metre rotors - the LM 40.0 P - has been delivered to REpower Systems. This is the first blade ever to be equipped with a prototype of the LM BladeMonitoring system.

LM BladeMonitoring is a blade monitoring system in which a number of optic fibres work with special LM Glasfiber software to monitor critical parameters such as load, temperature, damages and lightning strike on an ongoing basis.

In the short term, data from the system will be used to optimise service and maintenance and as data input for the development of new blades. In the long term, the system can be integrated with the turbine control system.

In the course of the development of the LM 40.0 P blade, LM Glasfiber's experience with blade development helped perfect the rotor. The result is a light blade that weighs only 6,290 kg and is custom-made for the MM82 turbine. The weight of the blade is thus the same as for the 1.5 MW turbines, but with a higher power output.

The first set of LM 40.0 P blades will be mounted on a test turbine in northern Germany in March, and test measurements will begin immediately after.

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