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Carbon Fibre CMM Superstructure Raises Speeds

05 March 2004

International Metrology Systems has introduced a new series of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), believed to be the first standard CMM’s to use carbon fibre reinforced bridge structures.

The new Premier range offers machine models from 1 metre through 3 metres in travel. Dr Woosup Koh, President and CEO of IMS, regards carbon fibre to be the “material of choice when strength and speed are demanded”. “We have applied this expertise to the Premier, expanding the concept to include the entire moving structure.""

""In comparison to aluminium, carbon fibre composites are eight times stronger, two times stiffer, yet still 1.5 times lighter,"" adds Ken Dearden. ""Carbon fibre composites have superior fatigue properties to all known metallic structures. All these factors combine to create the ideal metrology platform.""

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