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HITCO & Airbus Celebrate Delivery of A380 Tail Parts

23 January 2004

HITCO Carbon Composites, last week celebrated the delivery of the first operational ship set of the carbon fiber tail structure parts for the vertical tail plane of the Airbus A380. Ceremonies were held at HITCO Carbon Composites' Gardena, California facility.

On hand for the ceremony was Allan McArtor, Chairman of Airbus North America who accepted the structure on Airbus' behalf. The component is a large carbon fiber composite structure that forms the skeleton of the vertical stabilizer on the aircraft's tail assembly.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters addressed the gathering of government officials, civic dignitaries and other guests participating in the Airbus program. The Gardena High School Marching Band performed for the assembly.

""HITCO is very pleased to be a part of the A380 program,"" said Paul Pendorf, HITCO President. ""This flagship of the Airbus family of aircraft will significantly contribute towards revolutionizing air travel in the 21st century. We look forward to the success of this technologically advanced aircraft as it reaches around the globe carrying passengers at an unprecedented level of comfort, economy and environmental consciousness. We hope to establish a long relationship with Airbus as a reliable supplier of choice.""

""Composite elements like those from HITCO are among the keys to making the A380 state-of-the-art from a technological perspective,"" said McArtor. ""Composites save weight, saving weight saves fuel, and saving fuel is better for the environment and for our customers' bottom lines. I continue to be heartened by the level of quality we secure with supplier contracts here in the U.S. with companies like HITCO.""

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