Simula to Develop Comanche Helicopter Seats

23 June 2003

Simula has been awarded a contract to develop and manufacture crashworthy armored crew seats for the initial production run of the Boeing-Sikorsky Team's RAH-66 Comanche Armed Reconnaissance helicopter.

At present, the U.S. Army has an approved procurement objective of 650 RAH-66 aircraft to replace its aging fleet of OH-58 Kiowa and AH-1 Cobra helicopters, which currently perform scout and light attack duties. The initial production run contract is to develop and manufacture 22 seats and is valued at $600,000. The fully realized RAH-66 production program has the potential to require 1,600 seats, including spares, and is valued at approximately $36M.

Simula produced the crashworthy seats used in the RAH-66 during the advanced helicopter's ""Demonstration-Validation (D-V)"" phase, and will be adding its lightweight ceramic/composite armor to the newly designed ""Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD)"" version of the seat. Simula's crashworthy crew seats represent the state of the art in occupant protection from crash forces and projectile threats. The crew seats' armor is composed of a Simula-proprietary lightweight monolithic ceramic component that is bonded to a layered composite component to form the seat bucket and provide protection from projectile and fragmentation threats.

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