SAMPE 2003 Consistent With Wright Brothers 100 Year Anniversary

03 July 2003

The 100-year anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight, and the growth of technology that evolved so rapidly over those next 100 years, is evident in the technology program developed for SAMPE's 35th International SAMPE Technical Conference being held in Dayton, OH.

The conference, often called the SAMPE 2003/Dayton event, is being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dayton, OH near one of the recognized centers for US advanced materials and processing (M&P) technology, the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB. The technical program, and corresponding exhibits, have been organized by a strong committee of technologists that typically have lead many of the advances in M&P that reflect current use in today's materials applications.

Over 170 abstracts for technical papers have been submitted for the program running between September 28 and October 2, 2003. Tia Benson Tolle (AF Research Laboratory) and Dr. Allan Crasto (University of Dayton Research Institute), the Co-Technical Program Chairmen have indicated the technical papers selected for the 35th ISTC cover a number of leading-edge M&P areas such as nanotechnology, novel materials and processes, high temperature polymer matrix composites advances, advanced manufacturing technologies, M&P for space applications, and numerous other technology advances being pursued for market expansions.

The Dayton Technical Conference also reflects upon both ""lessons-learned"" from previous technologies and views into the future with a look at ""technical hurdles"" for future advances. The committee has established several key panels primarily for the purpose of presenting ""Lessons Learned in M&P Applications"" early in the week, followed by a look at understanding ""Today's Technical Hurdles"" and ""Materials Education and Workforce Issues for Today and the Future"". The Keynote Address, ""A Materially Different World"" will be presented by Gen. (ret) George K. Muellner, Senior VP, Boeing Air Force Systems Integrated Defense Systems.

SAMPE will be offering eight educational tutorials, several of which are typically offered because they have been widely attended in past conferences. However, several new tutorials are being offered at the Dayton conference:

- Polymer Nanocomposites: Issues, Advances and Opportunities
- High Resolution NDT Methods: Micro- and Nano-Materials Applications
- Biotechnology: Basic Overview and Applications to Materials Technology
- Non-Autoclave Composite Fabrication Processes (new at SAMPE 2003/Long Beach)

Exhibits (tabletops and booths) will be a key attraction in Dayton as evidenced by the fact that almost all of the 70 spots have been taken according to Rosemary Loggia, SAMPE Exhibits Manager. In recent years the exhibits at SAMPE's Fall Technical Conferences have increased noticeably in size and attendance.

And, of course, with the Wright Brothers having invented powered flight in their early days in Dayton, the 35th ISTC offers several opportunities to learn about the Wright replica flyer if you are one of several conference attendees selected from the Registration drawings.

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