Owens Supports New Direct Long Fiber Thermoplastics Technology

03 July 2003

Owens Corning is supporting Woodshed Technologies in an innovative compounding process that can lower costs and, increase performance for long fiber moldings, through technical expertise and as the exclusive supplier of glass fiber rovings to the process.

The Woodshed direct compounding process combines continuous fiber and polymer through a patented pushtrusion process. Woodshed’s Direct Long Fiber Thermoplastics (D-LFT) compounding process integrates the injection molding process, mixing, and molding raw material formulation ingredients in a single operation. This innovative process brings many benefits including lower costs for long fiber moldings, increased performance, and eliminates the need for pre-compounded pellets. Due to the many benefits of this innovation, it is expected that D-LFT will expand the overall use of these products in the Composite Industry.

“We are excited about the Woodshed technology and the power it has to open up new opportunities for composites,” said Gary Nieman, vice president and general manager for Single End Rovings/Continuous Filament Mat. “Owens Corning is convinced that this process will take long fiber reinforced thermoplastics to the next level of higher performance and more cost effective production.” He added that long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics is a growing and important aspect of the composites market and that Direct In Line Compounding is a natural progression for the industry with the potential to be a major segment in the marketplace.

Ron Hawley, owner of Woodshed Technologies, stated, “We are very excited about our committed support from Owens Corning. The long fiber market has grown by 30% per year for the last five years and is projected to continue to grow at this rate for the next five years.”

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