Minardi Buy Up Arrows Chassis

23 June 2003

Minardi have bought five Arrows A23 in the sell-off of the failed team’s assets. A spokesman for Minardi confirmed that they had bought the 2002 chassis with a view to getting some ideas as to how they could improve their own car.

Given the slightly disappointing performance of this year's Minardi PS03 chassis, there is bound to be some speculation that they will be raced - but the team denied this. He said: ""Two are in quite good shape and could be put into service and the others are mainly for parts.

""We'll have a look at the car and see if some of the ideas on them could help us develop our current cars."" The spokesman would not be drawn on how much they had paid for the cars but said they had been bought direct from the receiver rather than at auction.

The A23 was designed by Mike Coughlan, who has since moved on to McLaren. Like this year’s Minardi, the car uses Cosworth engines. Minardi also bought a load of raw materials, such as carbon fibre and metal.

Minardi last week received a cash injection from Bernie Ecclestone but the spokesman said he had nothing to do with the deal and it was down to ""the generosity of one of our Dutch sponsors."" At least two other F1 teams are understood to have purchased equipment from Arrows’ receivers.

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