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MacLean Quality Composites Releases RacePlates

17 June 2003

MacLean Quality Composites (MQC) has launched a new series of customizable carbon fiber plates, branded as RacePlates.

RacePlates are available in several sizes and two different thicknesses, Rigid and Flex, designed with the tuner car market in mind. The Rigid plates are .055"" thick and can be cut to shape with a Dremel tool, whilst the Flex plates are made from a single ply of carbon fabric that can be cut with scissors, curved, and attached to any surface using double-sided tape.

The intention is to allow car owners to make unique carbon fiber components that do not exist in the market today. Examples include custom gauge panels, interior trim, inner door panels, under hood trim, and exterior wings. Plates can also be assembled into enclosures such as speaker boxes, using the RacePlates line of carbon angle stock.

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