SAMPE 2003 a Resounding Success

09 June 2003

The 2003 SAMPE 2003 Symposium & Exhibition was a resounding success according to Thomas Haulik, SAMPE International President.

Haulik indicated that ""SAMPE 2003 was well attended, held a specifically strong technical program, and fulfilled attendee and exhibitor desires based on the feedback we received during the week. As an organization, SAMPE is strong and positioned for solid growth as we enter our 60th anniversary year.""

Attendance figures clearly indicate that SAMPE 2003 was a success even with strong international activities associated with the SARS disease, the Iraq war situation and perceived economic concerns. Doris Weaver, Registration and Proceedings Manager, indicated that only a few author presentation cancellations from the Pacific Rim affected the 237 technical paper presentations. Mrs. Weaver indicated that ""the overall total registrations remained constant compared to last year but the total paid conference registrations was up about 9 percent and SAMPE’s educational tutorials showed greater than a 15 percent increase over last year."" The strong interest in nanotechnology, wind energy, resin infusion technology and preforms, fire safe materials and infrastructure continues to draw attendees to hear the latest in leading edge technology. The Outstanding Technical Paper Award went to authors from 3TEX Inc. and the University of Dayton Research Institute for their article on ""Fabrication of 3-D Woven Preforms and Composites with Integrated Fiber Optic Sensors.""

Exhibitors acknowledged to apparent increase in technology interest and floor traffic brought on, in part with SAMPE’s addition of three continuous technology demonstrations on the exhibition floor and the annual Bridge Building contest. Rosemary Loggia, Exhibits Manager noted that ""the exhibitors expressed the opinion that SAMPE 2003 interest and enthusiasm was much higher this year. NASA had a strong presence with their central booth on technology transfer and a number of previous SAMPE exhibitors returned this year. Several previous exhibitors have already noted that they will definitely be back to SAMPE 2004 as a result of the desire to exhibit their newest technology. These companies, while not exhibiting this year, were attendees and have already committed their participation for 2004."" Taiwan had an extensive pavilion area that reflected the growth in composites and plastics technology in that region.

SAMPE recently reorganized their Technical Committees by expanding the market and technology areas being covered in todays materials and processing (M&P) world. Anthony Falcone, SAMPE International Senior Vice President, and Dr. Scott Beckwith, SAMPE International Technical Director, organized a well-attended panel of experts on Technology and Market Trends in Advanced M&P. The latest leading edge technology, market growth, and technical challenges and issues were discussed after presentations by each of the 12 Technical Committee Chairs. Because of the attendance of over 100 people, and the extension of the session past its intended time, SAMPE will consider this as an annual update of technology and market status for future conferences. Anthony Falcone indicated ""the Panel and strong interaction far surpassed our original expectations. The questions and interchange provided a much better understanding of current M&P and issues facing growth as SAMPE promotes technology expansion.""

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