Mitsubishi Rayon Awarded Contract for Airbus A380 Super Jumbo Program

09 June 2003

The European aircraft manufacturing consortium Airbus has announced that Mitsubishi Rayon has been selected as a supplier of advanced composite materials for use in the A380 program for the development and production of the next-generation super jumbo passenger aircraft.

Mitsubishi Rayon will supply various Airbus factories with UD pre-preg, woven pre-preg, and specialty resin for composite materials. These products will incorporate two types of carbon fiber of medium elasticity and high tensile strength, which will be produced at an equity-method affiliate Structil S.A. in France and the Toyohashi Plant in Japan.

The Company's products are currently under testing by Airbus with a view to receiving certification for the relevant quality standards by the end of calendar 2004. The full-scale supply of the materials is thus scheduled to begin in early 2005.

The move by Airbus is expected to significantly accelerate Mitsubishi Rayon's progress in expanding the field of industrial applications for its carbon fiber products.

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