Envirokare Appoints Asian Agent for TPF Technology

06 January 2003

Envirokare Composite Corp has engaged Professional Management Ltd. (PML), a private Hong Kong-based agency, to represent their Thermoplastic Flowforming (TPF) composite technology technology in Southeast Asia.

The TPF process, developed by Thermoplastic Composite Designs Inc. (TCD), enables the cost-effective manufacture of large structural parts using long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic resins. The process utilizes either recycled or virgin resins. During 2001, TCD granted to ECC a license to utilize the TPF technology to develop, produce and market a wide array of products. Envirokare believes that products developed and manufactured utilizing the TPF process will have significant advantages over those currently available, including lower costs, increased strength and durability, lighter weight and environmental benefits. The company is currently developing a number of products in industries such as materials handling, automotive, construction, housing and marine.

""PML has been engaged to give us a presence in the vast manufacturing and technical market represented by the Pacific Rim, in which local representation is critical in dealing appropriately with local language and cultures,"" said Steve Pappas, president of Envirokare. PML is active in a number of commercial areas including technical and commodity products. PML has well-developed associations and relationships with the business community and senior government levels in a number of countries included under terms of the agreement.

China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Indonesia are included in the territory to be covered by PML, whose role includes identification and qualification of potential applications and licensees for the TPF technology.

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