Scott Bader number two in the Giving List

13 December 2002

Once again Scott Bader has won the right to use the Per Cent Club logo in recognition of its contributions to charitable and social causes. It came in at number two in the UK corporate league table of givers.

The Percent Club Index is a voluntary benchmark measuring the contributions made by companies though cash donations, staff time, gifts in kind and management time, shown as a percentage of pre-tax profits. It recognises and celebrates corporate giving, raising awareness by reporting publicly and encouraging companies to compare themselves against 'best in class'. Contributions in excess of 1% of pre-tax profits are recognised with the award of a certificate and the use of the PerCent Club logo. Setting a standard encourages more companies to join and therefore increases the amount of investment in the community.

Contributions included cash support to worthy causes such as Volunteer Reading Help, a local service close to company headquarters which helps children in local primary and junior schools to read. ‘Our funds were used to train a further twenty community volunteers’ said Company Chairman Andrew Gunn. ‘ We also supported the Northamptonshire Society for Autism which helps those suffering from autism to learn basic office skills, communications and social behaviours and Service Six where we funded a Young Person’s Support Worker for three years. Our support is not restricted to the UK. We also support charities close to our other Group Companies around the world – usually schemes which help those in need to help themselves’

Each member of Scott Bader’s UK staff are also given a cheque of £150 to donate to a charity of their personal choosing. These cash donations, together with staff and management time outside normal working hours, all goes to helping those who need it most.

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