JEC Awards 2003: The Nominees

05 February 2003

The JEC Awards 2003 will be presented on Tuesday April 1, 2003 at 6.30 pm, at a soiree at the Paris expo, Parc des Expositions in Paris, as part of the JEC Composites Show 2003 international event.

Since 1998, some 700 candidates in all have become involved in the competition. The JEC Awards reward successful ‘Customer/Supplier’ partnerships in the following categories:

Air Transport

- Thermoplastic sandwich panel for airplane or train interiors, furnishing and galley components. Alcan Airex (Switzerland). Partners: Euro-Shelter, Simair, Ten Cate Advanced Composite

- Wing flap for regional and corporate aircraft, entirely made of carbon composite, using braids and the RTM moulding technology. Radius Engineering (USA). Partners: A&P Technology, Hexcel Composites, Bombardier Aerospace

- Landing gear arm for NH 90 helicopters made of carbon composite by NLR National Aerospace Laboratory (The Netherlands). Partners: SP Aerospace and Vehicle Systems BV (The Netherlands), Eurocarbon BV (The Netherlands), and MSC Software Benelux BV (The Netherlands)

Automotive Transport

- Automotive lid made of SMC composite by Menzolit Fibron (Germany). Partners: Daimler Chrysler AG and Volkswagen

- Rear door interior module made of thermoplastic composite (polypropylene and glass fibre), also carries the car's windows and loudspeakers, from Owens Corning (USA). Partners: Stamax and Faurecia

- Self-supporting rear floor for an automobile made of light SMC by Inoplast (France). Partners: MCR and Renault

- Modutop top integrating 80 components, made of self-coloured SMC by Matra Venture Composites (France). Partners: Menzolit and PSA

Building and Construction

- Shelter for city underground station from Fiberline Composites AS (Denmark). Partners: Khras Arkitekter, Pihl Aarsleff, LNT Industry, BK All round, JS Danemark, Ramboll

- Highway bridge concept using several pultruded profiles from Fiberline Composites AS (Denmark). Partners: Mouchel, Skanska Teknik AB, Oxfordshire County Council, IETCC-CSICC, Kungl Tekniska Högskolan, HIM Nederland

- Composite reinforcement grid for concrete made by Chomarat (France). Partners: Clark Schwebel Tech Fab Company, Old Castle


- Streamlined wind turbines. CITA (France). Partners: ATV, IPEV, CSTB

- Solar panel for the production of hot water using indirect heat, uses a thermosetting composite moulded by RTM. Dow France (France.). Partners: Abraso and Quimidroga

- Composite tank entirely made of glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene, for pressures up to 100 bars, made up of three units welded together. Covess (Belgium). Partners: Saint Gobain Vetrotex and Quadrant Symalit AG

Sports and Culture

- Formula 1 and rally shoes (Michael Schumacher). Fila Sport (Italy). Partners: Isovolta,Z Engineering, Marco Bonardo Distribution, SEM TT Bugis Groupe

- Karabiner made of carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite. Peguet SA (France). Partners: Roctool and Bird

- Ice hockey stick made of RTM-moulded thermosetting resin and carbon fibre and triaxial braid. The Hockey Company - Sport Maska (Canada). Partners: A&P Technology, Hexcel Fabrics, Technical Fibers Products, Grafil

- Information programmes for the general public, A European mobile exhibition, Design exhibition presented at the Gent Design Museum (Belgium): “From Bakelite to Composite”. Partners: Design Museum, Composittrailer, Technische Universitieit Delf Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, UK Centre for Materials Education, University of Liverpool, Vlaams Instituut Voor Zglestandie Ondernemen (VIZO), University of Napoli – Federico II – Departement of Materials and Production Engineering, KU Leuven – Departement MTM

Every year since 1998, the JEC Awards reward the best processes, products and applications utilising composite materials. The wide-ranging profiles of the companies nominated and their partners have shown the wealth and diversity contained in the composite industry.

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