F.I.T. Ventilation Releases Newly Designed Impingement Fan

08 July 2002

F.I.T. Ventilation has released a new generation of fan impinged ventilation technology engineered and manufactured to provide lasting performance in areas where other materials corrode or decay.

The new design incorporates custom made roto-molded shrouds and a light-weight, pultruded frame. These materials are ideal for high corrosion areas in agriculture, industry or recreation. This unique design complements the benefits of fan impingement technology.

F.I.T. Ventilation’s method of creating two air streams into a singular mass of air allows for increased efficiency by displacing a greater volume of air. The air flow is constant and spreads an air mass into a 160 degree (80 foot) wide pattern.

Designed for safe and easy operation, F.I.T. fans create positive pressure ventilation in fiberglass manufacturing facilities while moving emissions and heat away from workers to exhaust systems. Moreover, fan impingement technology can reduce heat build-up in machine areas, assist in curing of products, ventilate fumes from painting and other chemical processes and push heated air out of ceilings.

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