First 'Snunit' trainer aircraft land at Israel Air Force base

02 November 2002

The first three GROB G-120-AI trainers (""Snunits"") were received thus week at the Hatzerim Israel Air Force base during a ceremony attended by the Commander of Israel Air Force, Elbit Systems management and other guests.

The ten-year contract for operation of the aircraft was awarded to Elbit Systems by The Israeli Ministry of Defense in February 2002. Snunit Aviation Services, a company established by Elbit Systems and its subsidiary, Cyclone Aviation, will operate the new aircraft. GROB, the company that manufactures the ""Snunit"", is based in Germany and has been active in the field of aviation for three decades during which it has delivered over 3,500 aircraft to private customers and Air Forces all over the world.

The ""Snunits"" will be integrated into the flight-training curriculum of Israel Air Force Flight Academy, replacing the currently used ""Pipers"", and may also be used for training phases now performed by the ""Tzukit"" aircraft. The ""Snunit"" is a modern trainer, built of composite materials and has excellent aerobatics capabilities and high safety levels.

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