Composites Design Competition

02 November 2002

The competition focuses on technically and aesthetically innovative consumer goods that utilise composite materials in a novel and exemplary way.

The competition is part of Composites-on-Tour, a European collaboration to raise the public awareness of composite materials. Under the “Raising Public Awareness “ programme of the European Commission, a series of public-facing activities on composite materials will be carried out, culminating during the European Science and Technology Week, 4 – 11 November 2002.The general concept of the project is “ bringing composites science &technology closer to the public through a global initiative, linking science &design “.

The competition is in 2 categories; one for young designers/engineers with a first prize of 1600euro and one for professional designers with a first prize of up to 10000euro.

The final designs will be judged in June in Bruges, Belgium during ECCM 10 (European Conference on Composite Materials) by a European based panel made up of professional designers, composite engineers and academics. The selected and awarded designs from the competition (and a parallel competition targeting professional designers) will be exhibited to the general public in VIZO, Brussels during Autumn 2002 and will form part of European Science and Technology Week (4th – 11th November).

Three interdisciplinary two-day workshops related to the competition for young designers/engineers will give an extended appreciation of the nature of composite materials, their design and application, and the possibilities for future development. They will combine an informal yet structured approach (experience) that builds knowledge, while including hands-on experiment and demonstration so that some of the principles can be experienced with other participants in an interdisciplinary group.

Dates and Location:
The Netherlands – TU Delft, March 6th-8th (start evening of March 6th)
Italy – Industrial Design School, University of Naples, March 20th-22nd (start evening of March 20th)
UK – Rycotewood College, April

Funding is available to support attendance at these workshops by participants.

Further information about the composites design competition and workshops can be obtained by visiting the sites below.

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