Degussa's Rohm distribution change in North America

14 July 2003

Degussa’s Röhm Performance Plastics Group, manufacturer and seller of Rohacell PMI structural foams are pleased to announce a distribution change in North America.

Starting August 1st, 2003 all Rohacell business activities will be handled by Degussa's Röhm America, LLC. This change is a result of internal corporate restructuring aimed to better serve their North American clients and to significantly cut down lead times for the entire Rohacell product range. Degussa has entered into agent agreements with Northern Fiber Glass Sales, Inc (NFGS) to support Rohacell sales activities in states/provinces east of the Mississippi, and Technology Marketing, Inc. (TMI) for states west of the Mississippi. Both NFGS and TMI are recognized industry wide for having extensive reinforced composites product lines, and have more than 20 years of direct technical sales experience.

Additionally, Röhm America, LLC has signed a distribution contract with SCION Industries of Loveland, Co. for Rohacell IG (Industrial Grade) and Rohacell S (Self Extinguishing). SCION Industries will offer greatly reduced lead times for Rohacell IG and S, and processing options such as: machined, thermoformed, and shaped Rohacell preforms for the complete Rohacell product line.

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